Saturday, 31 May 2014

Blackboard art and sign writing in London, Sussex, Kent, Surrey and Hampshire.

If you're interested in having some chalkboards, blackboards or sign writing done, just get in touch! I'm able to offer a day rate or cost up boards individually, and you can see more of my work at:

Chalkboard signwriting for Fortnum & Mason Food & Drink Awards 2014.

Last month I was hired by the nice folks at the Seven Dials PR agency ( to design and produce a press board for the Fortnum & Mason Food & Drink Awards 2014, in front of which the foodies and celebs will have their photos taken. It was a fun day in London which ended in myself being covered in turquoise and gold paint, and Fortnum & Mason having an 8-foot by 5-foot press board for their event. Lovely.

See more of my work at: